14 Tips & Tricks for Sims 3 


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1.  Feeding toddlers:

Put toddlers in a high chair & you can feed them toddler food.

Click on the toddler & the choice will be on the menu to feed in high chair or feed on floor.

 In the high chair they get a bowl of food.  On the floor they get a bottle. It appears in the adults hands - they don't have to go to the fridge for it, like they did in Sims 2.


2. Fish Bowl:

The fish bowl is found in the buy mode:

- sort by room

- under activities (the football icon)

- hobbies & skills tab (telescope)


3. How to Age a Sim anytime:

Want to age your Sim to the next age group?

Buy the inferno birthday cake in the Buy Mode.

- sort by room

- Click the BBQ (outdoors) tab

- then the football (for outdoor activities)


4. Buy an expensive TV:

The more expensive the TV the more Sims can learn from it & the more their fun increases as they watch it.

Old Timey Tele - $200

Fun 3,

+ Athletic

Group Activity

Channel Trowley 27" Delux TV -$500

Fun 4




Group Activity

UberVision Panoramic - $1200

Fun 4





36" HiFi Plasmondo - $3600

Fun 6





Wallview Standard - $8000

Fun 8






5. Use the < and > keys to rotate a grabbed object in the Build & Buy Mode. This moves them at 45 deg. increments.


6. Unsure what to do next in the game?  Just look at the Sims wish box & it will tell you what they want.


7. Make the same food often.  Each time your Sim makes a certain food they will get better at making it , which results in better quality foods & better moods for your Sim.


8. Cooking & Gardening: They go good together. Higher quality ingredients mean higher quality meals, which puts your Sim in better moods.


9. Buying new clothes:  Took me a little while to figure out how to get new clothes for my Sim, but it was easy once I figured it out.  Just click on the Sims' dresser or wardrobe & choose "plan outfit".  Body Shop mode will then come up & you can choose a new outfit for your Sim.  (new clothes don't cost money - don't you wish it was that easy in real life.)


10. To delete many things:  To delete many things at once, try clicking & dragging while using the sledge hammer tool.


11. Purchase a Good Stove and Refrigerator
Having a good stove and refrigerator really matters in this game. A lousy stove will result in the "Uneven Cooking" moodlet, which will hold you back from the all-important "Amazing Meal" feeling. Meanwhile, a bad refrigerator has a potential to result in food that "tastes like fridge." Yucky!


12. Build Mode tip: When placing floor tiles, press CTRL + F to switch into triangular-tile mode.


13. Influencing a Pregnancy - Twins

The chances of having twins or triplets are greatly influenced by watching the kids channel on TV or listening to the kids music station. Doing both at the same time substantially improves your chances of multiple babes.

During pregnancy, have the rest of the family use the "Feel Tummy" and "Talk to Tummy" socials to increase happiness for everyone.


14. Influence the baby's gender by eating fruit. Eating three apples during pregnancy increased the chances that it will be a boy, while three watermelons - a girl. The happier your sim mom is - the better chance that you'll get to select the baby's traits yourself. A disastrous pregnancy will result in negative traits, which have the potential to handicap your child for life.

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Updated April 13, 2016

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