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1. Boost Game Performance with Video Options:

There is a great article in PC games about the different video options in Sims 3 and how they affect game performance. Some options make a lot of difference & some very little. There are also screen shots to show you what the different settings look like.

Pcgameshardware article


The Sims3 Forum has listed some Troubleshooting tips on:

2. How to turn off story progression


3. Disc Authentication Failure errors



Game running slow:

1. Go out of the game & delete the cache files.

They can be found in the file:

Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3

Delete these cache files:





* The game will re-create the files the next time you start it.

You can also move backup files:

I move the backup files to a new folder, to help the game run faster.

They are found in file "Documents\Electronic Arts\Saves". Move the files with the extension ".backup" (I make a file called "saves backup" and put it in the "Electronic Arts" file - so that it is there if I need the backup.)


3.High CPU Usage May Be Caused By....

* Out-of-date drivers (Run DriverUpdate to automatically update or manually update them)

* Running too many applications at once

* Insufficient virtual memory

* Overheating/Poor ventilation

* Virus/Malware infections


4. Increase the size of your virtual memory.

Here are Instructions for Microsoft Vista:- right click on "My Computer"

- click on properties (last one on the menu)

- click on "Advanced System Settings"

- Advanced Tab (at the top)

- Performance - settings button

- Advanced tab

- Virtual Memory - change button

- Highlight your hard drive

- click "Custom size" button

- change the "Initial size" & "maximum size" to higher amounts.

(Look for the recommended size at the bottom of the window - (Mine says 4221 MB

I increased mine to 6500MB with a max of 10500 MB on my C drive

I made my D drive "system managed"

After you change the amount - you have to click the "set" button for it to change it

Click "set" for each drive change.

And then OK.

And then restart your computer -( it won't come into effect after you reboot.)

The amount of virtual memory you can use - will depend on how much free space you have on your hard drive(s)

If you have pen drive you can also use it for virtual memory. Click on it & choose "system managed."

(XP instructions are similar)

- right click on "My Computer"

- click on properties

- Look for virtual memory - I don't remember where it is.

Set the virtual memory in a similar manner.


5. If you are running Vista - add a pen drive to speed up your system. 

 I found that adding my 4 GB pen drive speeds things up a great amount when in 'body shop" or when recolouring in "buy mode." Vista will use your pen drive for extra virtual memory. Using the Pen Drive worked better for me, than using a larger external drive for virtual memory.  When I forget to put it in before starting the game.  The games pace comes to a crawl once again.

6. You can also change the video settings in the game.                

Go into settings while the game is open (on the same menu as "save".)  Decrease the setting until you find what works best with your computer. You may have to try several to find out what works best for you. Each computer is different, depending on your video card & amount of memory.

Graphic settings posted a cool article about the graphic options in The Sims 3. They look at all the possible options and how it impacts the performance. Interesting is that setting a certain minor option lower (like the draw distance), gives a big boost in performance while lowering others do nothing at all.
Check the article here:  
click here


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Updated April 13, 2016

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